Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Spectre is dealing with some ghosts of his past...

Before I begin this journey with you, I must reflect on what brought me here to you.  Don't worry...this will not be a long, monotonous swan song. Look at it as a concise, cerebral cleansing that I must do before the fun begins.

The last 3 years of my life have been traumatic; more than most warped and twisted human beings, like myself, can take. The jewel of this whole ordeal, my life essence, has been my precious belle who has been my guiding light. And for those of you who I have yet to see, touch and caress, my dark heart thanks you for being true friends. NOT concoctions of a depraved mind.

An entire life-path has changed. What was expected and clear has been proven to be a sadistic fabrication. Thank you, my most wonderful love, for keeping me sane; for keeping me among you....

Tomorrow, the jaunt across time and space will begin. I appreciate this brief interlude...any comments will be highly cherished!

Good night to all my minions, my very "special" friends, and my love...


  1. I am enchanted and will follow you, my pied piper.

  2. Shine your light and put up your mirrors. Things will be fine. I promise!